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Past Workshops — Graz, Oct 2018

This workshop was hosted at in Graz, as part of their artists in residency programme.

One font was produced: Spalte.

ESAPA — Avilés, Mar 2017

We were invited by Escuela Superior de Arte del Principado de Asturias to host two workshops as part of the Jornadas Motiva 2017.

We wrapped up with four fonts: Muralla, Roseta, Ladrillo and Persiana.

Read more about this workshop.

Aviles 01 Aviles 02

Escuela de Arte Antonio Lopez — Tomelloso, Mar 2016

This session was hosted at the Escuela de Arte Antonio Lopez as part of the event Volar con el Diseño – Jornadas Internacionales de Diseño.

Three fonts were born here: Avestruz, Flamingo and Tucan.

FC Forum — Barcelona, Nov 2014

This workshop was held at Bau, Design College of Barcelona, as part of the Free Culture Forum.

We've created three fonts: Setperset, Deuperset and Sisperdotze.

Read more about this workshop.

Barcelona 01 Barcelona 02

Mozfest — London, Oct 2014

We've created the Mozblock font in a 3 hour sprint at the Mozilla Festival 2014, on a session named "Design Open Web Fonts in Minecraft".

Read more about this workshop and how Minecraft was used to make fonts.

London 01 London 02